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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  March 23, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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medical attention. amazingly the drivers of the contract and car caught up in the collision were fine. the train's conductor, though, was pinned underneath the dashboard of the light rail train. >> it was a matter of prying her out and cutting her out. a mixture of those techniques. >> reporter: how long? >> about 20, 25 minutes. >> reporter: she was then medevaced to shock trauma, injuries serious but not life threatening. amazing when you see the full scope of the damage. a car mangled a trailer peeled wide open and plastic bottles used to package spices streen all over the track almost hiding the front end of the derailed commuter train. baltimore county police say the train was headed south and the tractor-trailer seemed to pull right in front of its path on its way to mccormick. there are no crossing gates here, but investigators say the warning lights seemed to be
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working. a preliminary conclusion to what, for some who work nearby, is a lasting impression. >> it sounded like a huge explosion. i don't know how else to describe it. it was horrible. and came outside and i never expected anything like that. >> the accident remains under investigation. mta says to expect major delays in bus service from hunt valley to timonium. some scary moments after a school bus crash in northeast baltimore at the intersection of loch raven boulevard and lockwood road. several people, including children had to be rushed to the hospital. abc 2 news sherrie johnson was on the scene. >> reporter: this was the scene just before 8:00 tuesday morning at the intersection of loch raven boulevard and lockwood road in northeast baltimore. a school bus on the way to winston middle school collided with a carp. >> all we know at the time is that the school bus was driving
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northbound. the actual cause of the accident is being investigated by police at this time. >> reporter: the force of the impact turned the car upside down. the car was carrying three children. the school bus was carrying passengers and they were all taken to the hospital for treatment. neighbors say it was terrifying to arrive at the scene and see a school bus with children on it in this condition. >> the children in the bus and the children in the car, you know, going to school, she's probably going to work. worst day of their lives. it was bad. >> reporter: friends of the crash victims rushed to the scene searching for answers. >> tears came straight to my eyes. i was in shock and in awe because of the kids and also the driver. if you look at the scene and you see blood all in the backseat and the way the car was positioned, i couldn't say anything. i was just in awe. >> reporter: friends and family are grateful everyone survives the crash and hope
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investigators figure out why it happened. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. now the latest on two baltimore city officers shot during a traffic stop. both officers are out of the hospital tonight. the officers have been identified as 23-year-old jordan moore and 34-year-old keith roman. one officer was shot in the right cheek, the other shot in the hand. police say the officers were arresting one of two passengers but the driver hesitated to get out of the vehicle. thomas miller struggled with the officers, grabbed their handgun and started shooting. the officers returned fire, killing him. a baltimore county woman was found dead inside her parkville home. the victim has been identified as 69-year-old isabel slater. investigators say slater was found dead inside her home in the 9600 block of alder drive last night. police say slater's grandson was also found dead last night of an apparent suicide. an autopsy couldn't determine a
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cause of death but investigators do not think that foul play is involved. the death of a frederick county man near lake linganore has been ruled an accidental drowning. the state medical examiner found morgan flat had a head injury consistent with the fall. two fishermen spotted the body earlier in the month. platt told family he was planning a bus trip to california or florida. investigators said platt would often take a shortcut across the dam when caulking to the bus station in frederick. a trial date has been set for a sex offender accused of kidnapping and killing an 11- year-old salisbury girl. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty for thomas leggs, jr., charged with murder, kidnapping and sex offenders in the death of a woman. the trial is expected to begin in may. a federal grand jury indicted a texas truck driver on charges he kidnapped an 11-
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year-old prince george's county girl. prosecutors allege he took the girl with the intension of having sex with her. officers issued an amber alert and the tennessee trooper later stopped him. he was an acquaintance of the girl's family and worked for a maryland trucking company. jury selection is expected to start tomorrow in the firearms possession trial of twin brother as kussed of setting a -- accused of setting a pit bull on fire. travis and tremayne johnson were charged. the drugs and weapons were found during a raid of the south pulaski street home. prosecutors plan to hire the firearms case before the the animal cruelty charges. the two pleaded not guilty in december to the burning of the dogs named phoenix. well, tonight the clouds are sticking around and the wind is picking up, but will we see more rain?
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wyatt's in the storm center with a look at the forecast. >> it's windy, breezy, chilly. we may see a few more showers before it's all done later tonight. more rain out west of baltimore. let's show you maryland's most powerful radar to give you an idea of where it is. one last sign of wet weather moving slowly to the the east and temperature-wise this the mid-50s now. this has been cool stuff with the winds out of the west- northwest around 20 miles per hour. 48 in frederick. feeling like the mid-40s out there. we'll hover in the low 50s, cloudy, breezy weather, cool with late showers developing. looking for more rain to come in overnight. this init's all over here tomorrow. beautiful day setting up for wednesday. we'll talk about that and how long the good stuff lasts coming up. kelly? >> thanks. in a triumphant ceremony at the white house, the health
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care reform bill became law. the joy among democrats and supporters of the bill was undiminished. even an embarrassing aside by vice president joe biden couldn't derail the day for president obama. here's john hendren. >> yes, he did. >> reporter: with those celebratory words and a pen stroke today, health care reform, today, became law. >> we're a nation does at its heart what is necessary what is right. here in this country, we shape our own destiny. that is what we do. what is who we are. that is what makes us the united states of america. >> reporter: as a new law went into effect, republicans attacked it on three fronts, mounting procedure delays in the senate which took up changes to the bill that could take days to pass, launching a repeal effort on capitol hill. >> i think the slogan will be repeal and replace. >> reporter: in filing lawsuits challenging the law in at least 13 states arguing that requiring all americans to have
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insurance violates the constitution. >> and i'm confident that the court is going to declare the new health care rea form law un- - reform law unconstitutional. >> reporter: legal experts expect those challenges to fail. >> because those fighting change are still out there, still making a lot of noise about what this reform means. >> it was a big deal as vice president joe biden carried away by the moment reminded the president. >> [ bleep ] >> reporter: in words better suited for the locker room than the east room. health care reform may now be law but president obama has not stopped selling it. on thursday, he heads to iowa city where he first rallied americans behind it. john hendren, abc news, washington. now, attorneys general from 13 states sued claiming the historic house bill is
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unconstitutional. the lawsuit was filed in florida while the attorneys general are republican except names betty caldwell. some states are considering separate lawsuits and others may join the multistate suit. we contacted maryland attorney general doug gansler's office yesterday and said they would not join in the lawsuit. the senate banking committee would change the way that wall street does business. the legislation would give the government unprecedented power to split up things considered to be a threat to the economy. the regulator also create april independent consumer watchdog group. the better business bureau is warning credit card users to keep an eye on your statement this month. the new consumer protections laid out in the credit card act are now in effect. the bbb recommends that all cardholders familiarize themselves with the fine print and review the new provisions.
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those include more notice, renewed interest rate changes and new rules fort monthly statement. bill dates new mail and deliver 21 days prior to the date instead of dates being moved up leading to a rise in late fees. the federal reserve has issued new rules to protect americans from getting stung by those unexpected fees or restrictions on gift cards. under the new rules, consumers must have five years to use the gift cards before they expire. the fed also says service or inactivity fees can be imposed only on certain conditions. seems like more women are going under the knife for cesarean section. we'll take a look at the reason behind the rise. and the debate continues in annapolis over banning indoor tanning for teens. hear from both sides tonight. plus, an oscar winner shares his wisdom and experience with some local students.
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and speaking of annapolis, looking at annapolis tonight currently sitting at 51 degrees. chilly compared to what we've seen. wyatt says a warm-up is on the way.
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a look at news around the nation starting off in detroit tonight where investigators have released surveillance video of an amtrak train crashing, oh, look at that, into a fire truck. the accident happened earlier this month. the truck was apparently responding to a car crash. you can see a police car also investigating that crash leave the tracks before the train crashes into the fire truck. several people went to the hospital fortunately with just minor injuries. in texas, dash cam video of a cop crash. police in duncanville say an officer was trying to pull over a vehicle for speeding when another car starts pulling out in front of the police cruiser then stops. police say the officer tried to
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avoid hitting the car, but his patrol car ran into the rear of the other vehicle. the officer and driver of the other vehicle were taken to the hospital, again, with minor injuries. check this out, a daring robbery caught on tape. a surveillance counter at the jewelry store in new hampshire captures it all. a man climbs on the counter, reaches inside while the store owner and customer stood just a couple of feet away. police say the bold thief made off with a 2 karat diamond ring worth an estimated $8,000. the owner didn't even notice it was missing until the next morning. well, with tiger woods in the news recently, many have speculated on what his infidelity might have cost him if his wife were to pursue a divorce. for one north carolina woman, the price of infidelity was $9 million. abc's dianaal die an diana
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alvear explains. >> reporter: a north carolina jury awarded her $9 millionp. not from her husband but from the woman he cheated with. ann lundquist seep here on this letch web site. >> she knew that we were married. >> shackle ford said she felt compelled to sue because lundquist embarked on a scheme to seduce and steal her husband allen. north carolina is one of seven states that allows for this kind of lawsuit. >> the main defense is that the couple had an unhappy marriage. >> reporter: that's what shackle ford's husband told the local painer thatter'd been unfaithful on multiple occasions. >> i had absolutely no knowledge of any of his other affairs. we had a great marriage. >> reporter: lundquist told abc news it would be inappropriate to comment further on the facts and circumstances of the kate
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at the time. despite her sizable award, shackle ford insists it was never about the money. it was about sending a message. >> as long as a couple is still living together as man and wife still in the same home, the same bedroom, the same bed, lay off. >> reporter: that north carolina law also works for wronged husband. in 2001, a man was awarded $500,000 because his wife had an affair. diana alvear, chicago. at least we didn't have much rape today. it's gloomy but it's april improvement. >> i was able to crack the windows and get a breeze going on. i like when it's like this and not that frigid wind. we'll rebound sharply in the next couple of days, back in the 60s with the sunshine. >> sounds like a winner.
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let's take a look outside. it is kind of gray. a little murky out there. a few shafts of sunshine breaking through the clouds. you can see as we take a look at the current conditions at bwist, 50 degrees. we'll move quickly into the 40s this evening. i do want to show you, also, a different angle here from the maryland science center. you can see it's gray in all directions but we're relatively dry at the moment. take a look at this. wind gust was potent out there today. gusts up to 27, 28, 30 miles per hour. breezy, cloudy cool day and rainfall-wise, we have not seen much. just a trace toward darlington and perry hall. a little more rain where they picked up a sif sixth of an inch. i do they it will be doused by perhaps a few showers later this evening. show you that in just a second. temperature-wise, statewide across maryland and looking
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cool for this time of year. 50 in baltimore. but we've fallen into the 40s just to the west and again the breezes staying up, so it feels colder than that. only more like the mid to low 40s and feel like the 30s later into the evening. let's show you where we could see more rain coming in. this line off to our west here from frederick south through barnesville and manassas. this wet weather slowly drifts to north to east. as you go west on i-70 right now toward frederick and up the i-270 corridor as well, here we've got the rain as we've had several times over the last 24 hours. so again, as this line continues to push to the west, may get doused again. the evening commute is okay in baltimore unless you are headed out toward frederick. let's take a look at it statewide. cloudy skies, gray, getting into southern virginia to find any sunshine. this whole storm system will continue to push north and
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east. behind it, there's not much there. generally dry, clear weather and much milder weather as wellle. so the last of the storm will steadily move into new england tonight. the wrap around flow is a chilly one bringing in the cool winds out of new england and right into baltimore and maryland. milder air will slide in, though, as we go forward into the day tomorrow and definitely into thursday. 39 or so tonight. that's chilly compared to what we've been seeing. cool, breezy weather. tomorrow, i think it will be another nice looking day. beautiful, blue skies back to 65 or so. mostly sunny. a nice rebound temperature- wise. tomorrow night, 38, clear skies. it does get chilly again overnight tomorrow night. now, take a look at the next seven days here. as we pushed toward the weekend, still a good chance of rain on friday. saturday and sunday, though, at this point looking cooler and generally sunny. kelly? >> thanks a lot, wyatt.
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is your air bag really safe? why newer air bags may not be as safe for belted drivers. and a look at the reasons for this in tonight's health alert. storm gear and promotional celebrations provide by ll bean. ♪
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well, we are working on some brand new stories for you at 5:30 tonight. we're learning more about michael jackson's final moments. explosive allegations that jackson's doctor may have tried to hide evidence. it's been debated but now the state is joining the debate on teens and tanning beds. summer's celebrating the sis horric health care laws and
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some are disappointed. those stories plus wyatt's complete forecast coming up at 5:30. in tonight's health alert, we look at the sharp rise in the rate of cesarean sections for women of all ages in the u.s. here's dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: cesarean deliveries involve major abdominal surgery and pose grater safety risk for the mother and baby. they are more expensive than vaginal deliveries. yet more women than ever before in the u.s. are giving birth by cesarean. according to a cdc report, a c- section rate rose by 53% between 1996 and 2007. the decade began with a modest increase across all ages and races. from 2000 and 2007, women under age 25 had the sharpest rise in cesarean deliveries. nearly 1.5 million women have a cesarean birth in 2007. that's 32% of all births and
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one in three babies delivered by c-section. it's the highest rate ever recorded in the u.s. and higher than most ever industrialized nations. in 2006, there were more cesarean deliveries performed in u.s. hospitals than any other surgical procedure. in addition to clinical reasons, other factors may include older age of the expectant mother, positioned recommendation, maternal choices and legal pressures. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. coming up, an academy award winner comes to baltimore county. what he told aspiring actors at one local school coming up at 5:30, just a few minutes away. [ male announcer ] how do the editors of consumers digest
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determine if a car is a best buy? first they drive it in the real world. and put it through its paces. they rate its fit and finish. and the amenities inside. they factor in purchase price and operating costs, fuel economy and resale value. in short, they do what you do to test its quality. the consumers digest best buys from chevy. put them to your own test. and may the best car win. teens and tanning beds. it sparks debate in howard and baltimore counties. now the debate continues in the
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statehouse. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. last summer, the world health organization says the risk of melanoma jumps 75% for teens and 20 somethings using tanning beds. as don harrison explains tonight, that's enough to make some lawmakers take notice. >> for 27 years, we've been running a good, honest business. >> reporter: robin owns a tanning salon. >> my husband and i have been doing it for over 27 years. none of our customers have had ill effects from it and neither have we. >> i've encountered many individuals. >> reporter: registered nurse bodner feels we need to protect teens from using tanning beds too early. >> what we are seeing is an increase in numbers of young women who are being diagnosed with melanoma. >> reporter: this delegate sponsors the bill, which


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